Sarginsons Law act on a wide range of employment related matters acting for both employers and employees.

For employers, it is imperative that employment contracts are well drafted and procedures correctly followed, when considering any change to working arrangements or embarking on restructuring programmes.

Sarginsons Law are able to offer the following services to employers:
  • Drafting Employment Contracts
  • Advising on any internal disciplinary proceedings or
    grievance procedures.
  • Drafting Compromise Agreements.
  • Dealing with applications for flexible working and the
     impact of the TUPE regulations.

For employees, any uncertainty surrounding their work or threats of redundancy or losing their job can be very stressful.

Sarginsons Law has wide experience in the following:
  • Advice on employment contracts
  • Advising, regarding redundancy and any
  • Advising on the terms of compromise agreements.
  • Advising on employees rights, namely flexible
    working and TUPE transfers.

Sarginsons Law can provide practical, clear legal advice to both employers and employees in this fast changing area of law.

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