Family & Divorce

Relationship or marriage breakup is often described as being as stressful to those involved as a bereavement. When couples separate, there are no winners. Often it can be a time of conflict and heartache for everyone involved. Untangling the legal and practical issues can add to the distress.

Here at Sarginsons, we understand that this is an emotionally difficult time for all involved and there will probably be a hundred and one questions going through your mind that you want answers to. Our family department are on hand to give you the advice and information that you need to help you navigate what can at times seem like an impossible journey.

We offer clear, no nonsense and practical advice and will explain all of the options open to you to best resolve your issues. We offer a free initial appointment, which sometimes is all it needs to put your mind at rest and enable you to make decisions that are best for your family.

For others, matters are more complicated and we can explain the options available and support you all the way, whether through mediation, collaborative law, traditional lawyer negotiation or in some cases court proceedings. We offer up front and clear advice on costs and in many cases can offer fixed fees so that you know from the outset what the work is going to cost you.

For more information or an initial free appointment please contact Celia Christie on 02476 55 31 81 or via email.